hi there, i have some kind of problem.

I just installed the newest release, r198, and didnt managed
to get the cf-card running. So i switched back to r121 where both cf-cards worked

But after the installation i have the same problem. Both cards dont work sad.gif

The Failure-Message inc. the mount-order is:

# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/cf
mount: special device /dev/hda1 does not exist

Before that i even have that Failure Message in the Bootup-Screen:

Mounting local FS: mount: special device dev/hda1 does not exist [FAILED]

im totally out of options now, especially after i formatted one of the CF-Cards freshly with Fat16, and they are still not recognized on the Z (i can read them with no problems on my PC).


Iīve reinstalled with my CF-Card inserted, now he recognizes both cf-cards again. Wahtever that was, donīt want to see something like that again wink.gif