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Full Version: Burned Out Screen, Loose Cable Or?
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My c860 which may have been dropped one time too many has alternating horizontal blue and black bars when I reboot and login. Then the colors look washed out although text is still readable. Photos have bars too.

Anyone have a dx or tx for these symptoms. Thanks

it looks like one of the display cables is no longer
properly connected.

If you have a jewelry screwdriver at hand, open the
display cover and check the two cables going to the
left and right PWBs. Best way is to open the connector,
pull the cable out and put it firmly back in.

Be careful while opening the connectors. The mechanism
breaks very easy if you apply too much force.


Marc Stephan
Will do except I lack the courage to try this myself. I had a local computer store take the Z apart once although that time I needed to send it back to Japan for repair. I will post the outcome this time. Thanks so much.
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