I think this has been mentioned a couple of times maybe a year ago, but I don't recall a useful resolution. Briefly, the latter versions of Opie, the 3.5.4 series, rapidly drain the battery in my SL5600. When this was first mentioned, the answer was something along the lines of, well the new distro does a better job of measuring and reporting on the battery, what you have to do is compare actual performance.

I have. OZ3.5.4.x, left to its own devices, will drain my 5600 completely in about two days even if it's not used at all. This is perhaps a third or worse of the battery life I would see under the Sharp rom or earlier alternate roms like the old Hentges distros. At a guess, some expensive process under the newer ROMs doesn't truly suspend but keeps ticking and drawing down battery power.
Has anyone addressed this, and I simply behind the times?