For those of you who don't know, I'm disabled. I have people helping me with lots of stuff, and my shopper has to replace his old cellphone (which got stolen) and the new Nokia 6030 he got has sound that is terribly distorted and headache-inducing. He also tried calling me with a friend's "Go-Phone", probably Motorola's C139, and that also was terrible.

What I am talking about is that low-level whoosh or buzz you always hear that makes it obvious the caller is using a cellphone. I am unfortunately quite sound-sensitive, and what is no big deal for most folks, is a painful level or type of sound for me.

I tried reading up on factors in sound quality, but I don't know that they even measure whatever factors it is which make it obvious someone is using a cellphone. The more obvious the background sound, the more jarring it is to my head and nerves.

Can anyone help me out by recommending inexpensive, no-frills makes/models that sound less horrible, or edifying me as to what measurements would reflect what I'm talking about? He doesn't have time to try a bunch out, as we both are busy and he has to return the Nokia within the next two weeks so he can get out of the contract.

It can be "unlocked", but it must be compatible for US carriers such as Cingular.