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Full Version: Novel input method for the Z (C750)
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Found this ...

Check out the screenshot
Anyone used this? How easy is it to input
Interesting. I downloaded and installed. It will have a learning curve tike the other types. I use Tapboard quite a bit, it was done using the IBM ATOMIK (Alphabetically Tuned and Optimized Mobile Interface Keyboard) develpoed for the Palm back in 2001. could ot fine a picture.

It looks daunting now,but I'll give it a week or two.
I've been using it on my sl5500 for a while. Heres the relative speed tests:
1) Handwriting recognition: barely 5 - 7 words a minute, due to recognition inacuracies
2) On-screen keyboard: about 15 - 20 words a minute
3) Quickscript: Just achieved 20 words a minute, and still improving
4) Hardware keyboard: 30 - 35 words a minute
5) Normal computer keyboard: 85 - 100 words a minute.

The best way to learn quick script is to take a standard typing phrase, such as "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy yellow dog", and input it a few times. Don't push yourself too hard at first. Once you get the general feel of it, common words (such as "the") will end up becoming a single gesture. Then enter that phrase maybe a dozen times a day or so, and after a couple of weeks you will end up with pretty good proficiency. Then start using it in you normal everyday usage.
Highly recomended, more acurate than regular handwriting recognition, and much easier on the hands.
It looks daunting now,but I'll give it a week or two.

I'd say at least two, but I will work on it.

You can keyboard 30 -35 wpm on a 5500 keyboard?

Dasher's another interesting one. I've used it on my 5500.

Dasher's another interesting one. I've used it on my 5500.  

'Attack of the killer alphabets' a quote from Financial Times

I'm not sure that one is any easier to use but it is kinda fun.

I like dasher, but it's too small on the C760.

Might try to enlarge it, if I get OE working
I tried that input method a few months ago... as well as the one where the letters stream by.

I didn't like this one or the other one. The issue with this one was that the input size was
FAR too small on the c700 ... perhaps it is better on the 5500/5600? I wasn't able to get
it to work reliable when I was standing still -- so I couldn't imagine using it on the subway.
Even the onscreen keyboard isn't usable on the subway.

Of course, I have a c7x0 -- so I just use the real keyboard... and 40+ WPM is extremely
easy with that... even on the subway.

Thanks for the tip on QwikScript, I giving it a try. First impressions though - trying to find the letters is a PITA. Reminds me of what it must be like trying to write with shorthand. I'll take the advise and keep on trying it. I'd really like to find something better than the built-in handwriting recognition and this might be it.

Any of you notice that the QwikScript cap-lock doesn't work? Or am I doing something wrong? I though that selecting "shift" twice would do a cap-lock?
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