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I created a pair of games. They run fine on my C1000 if I copy them to a card and run them from there,

but now I'm trying to make ipkgs for distribution, and they are giving me problems.

First problem: It's showing up under the "Applications" tab, not the "Games" tab. What controls this, the control file or the .desktop file? control is set to Games. .desktop says Game, I didn't pluralize it b/c the example I used didn't have Application plural.

Second problem, a bit more serious- I doesn't run when installed as an ipkg! It uses SDL, (the bvdd version on mine). If I click on it, I see the right icon on the screen, and the screen goes black, but then I see an "Exit SDL" message. Like I said before, it runs fine if I copy it to a card and run it, but if I install it, and even if I try to run it from the command line, it fails. What is different about an installed app? Do SDL apps need special configuration?

Third problem: Not really SDL/Zaurus specific, and I hope I can explain it so it's clear. Rhese games have some datafiles on the file system. I tried hard to make the programs smart about finding the datafile locations, so that the games can be installed anywhere. It checks argv[0] and pulls the directory information out, and looks for the datafiles based on what it finds there.

That works great if you run it from the command line with a ./ in front of it. But if it is in your PATH, then there is no directory information in argv[0], just the command name. and it can't find it's files. (NOTE: I thought this problem was the cause of #2, but some testing showed otherwise)

Now I could work around this by hardcoding the default Zaurus installation dir into the app, but I'd rather not since it's not foolproof. Is there a good way for a C program to check where it was installed or run from even if argv[0] doesn't contain directory information? I'm sure I can't be the first person who's had this problem
If you like, i can create the files and directories and send them back to you so you can view them. you can then create the ipk's yourself. I can also create the ipk's if you want.

just email it to me to

I'd rather show you than to just post her because its just too much typing.
I got the Games tab part working. That setting is controlled by the directory you put the .desktop file in.

But now, my main problem is that if you start the game by clicking on it, it will screw up your system. It works if you launch it from the command line.

What is different about launching an SDL app by clicking an icon?

What happens is the screen goes black momentarily (like it should), but then it gets partially restored, but the orientation is wrong. It will be portrait when it should be landscape. Also, my game will be running in the background, though I can't interact with it, and I will ultimately have to kill it.
When you hold down your stylus on the icon of a program, you have the option of magnifying the screen. You might have to check that option for your computer program.
There is also an line you add in the desktop which tells it to just run the application on full screen and not magnified as well. No need to hold the icon down to Check mark anything.
Thanks to Cresho's help, I've got it working. There's still one small bug, after I fix it, I'll make the first game publically available.
I tried your beta. It is fantastic. Sounds fantastic, works smooth and fast, animation is fluid and smooth, all controls are very responsive. graphics nice. I put this game next to Lgames such as the barrage, Ltetris, LBreakout, Lmarbles.

1.02 is an excellent version. The game opens up very fast and closes fast as well. No artifacts or any problems.
I can't wait to try it!!!!!!
Thanks for the kind words... I got a last minute feature request that I think is a good idea, so I'll add that before making it publically available.
Well, I just posted the release notice in the software section. Sometimes it takes me longer to release things than it does to write them laugh.gif

Hopefully I'll have the other game in releasable form in another week or so.
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