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Full Version: Favorite Distro
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Just wanted to see what people like. I can't really vote, as I' still trying them out, but so far I'd have to say Debian with a minimal installation.

If I missed any major distros in the poll, let me know and I'll update it.

EDIT: Well, so much for updating. Substitue "Vote 'Other' an rant at me if I forgot your distro" into the line above. wink.gif
WooHOO!!! I win! I've got the distro that 100% of the people are using! ...oh, wait... I'm the only one who voted so far. smile.gif

To be honest, I've only really used Red Hat. I started with it a good number of years ago and wasn't dissatisfied enough to bother trying another distro. I did try Slackware a long time ago (95-ish?), but didn't really do much with it back then and it was several years later that I really gave Linux a spin, and the popular distro at the time was Red Hat.
I played with redhat and fedora for a while--the rhel knockoffs, like white hat and centos are pretty cool. Fedora was not a happy experience, nor do I really like rpm on my desktop box. I love debian, and run stable (etch) on my server, and sometimes on a desktop, but voted for ubuntu, since it seems to me that ubuntu is doing more to popularize linux use, in a debian sort of way. It was hard to choose--debian being the high road, so to speak. I notice most of you are more virtuous than I.
I voted other because pdaXii13 is my favorite with Cacko in a close second. I've tried Red Hat, Suse, Caldera (before they turned evil) and Mandrake (before it became Mandriva). The only distros I ever had fun with were pdaXii13 and Cacko. biggrin.gif

Yes, I can be a whackjob at times. blink.gif
I only thought to add "Zaurus distros" as a category a second after I hit submit. sad.gif
I find the stats on my zaurus website to be quite interesting:;sys?login=zaurus

there's a disproportionate number of firefox and linux users compared to most internet websites.
I voted Mandriva/ Mandrake, but I think they should be seperate. Mandrake has always been the distro I go back to when all else fails and I run 10.1 on my desktop at present. I'll probably try Mandriva at some point, but it seems to be getting too business oriented for my tastes (Mandrake has been gradually going that way for a long time). I don't hold it against them. It beats going under financially, but I will personally miss plain ole Mandrake.
I've tried a few distros over the years. I wasn't particularly impressed with Red Hat (7?), Fedora (Core 2?), or Debian (Woody?). It wasn't until I tried Mandrake 10.0 that I found something I could make my primary OS.

Of course, the whole Linux software ecosystem has improved during this time. I'm sure the latest versions of those other distros (well, if I were to use Debian unstable) are very liveable nowadays.

Also, the fact that Mandrake uses KDE as its primary desktop made the transition from Windows much easier.

Nowadays, I'm using and recommend Kubuntu. It is so great to have a CD you can boot up from, try out the OS, and then install from -- man, does that beat the bad old days! I've also tried Ubuntu and Xubuntu, and, with luck, with have thin clients working with Edubuntu today.
I've played with SuSE and Red Hat, but XandrOS just works. Your hardware may vary. smile.gif
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