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Full Version: Administering Routers From The Z
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I have been trying to see if I can use my Z to configure routers, but haven't had much luck. Firefox apparently doesn't work for some settings (at least on my laptop), and Links2 doesn't even show many of them. Has anybody had any luck doing this (on pdaXrom)?

BTW, this is not for anything illicit. Some of my friends/relatives have unsecured networks that I would like to secure for them, and I would prefer to use my Z. It also irks me when there is some simple task that the Z can't do. smile.gif

Thanks in advance.
I know you are asking for pdaXrom, but FWIW, the Linksys router config web page works fine with Opera and so-so with Netfront, both on the Sharp ROM.
web page to configure routers? pah! real routers are configured using minicom and a serial adaptor!

Capt Fish will have trouble connecting a serial adaptor to his neighbour's router that he is trying to hack :-)
QUOTE(jfv @ May 29 2007, 09:15 AM)
Capt Fish will have trouble connecting a serial adaptor to his neighbour's router that he is trying to hack :-)

Please see post #1. smile.gif

EDIT: And for the record, I have my own wireless, so why bother with a neighbor's?
I gave my daughter a laptop with wireless but I wanted to retain some control of when she could connect to the internet. However, one of my neighbours had an unsecured network (Linksys with all default settings) accessible from my house. I had to connect to his router to figure out who he was. I called him up and offered to set up WEP for him. I hope my daughter doesn't find out about aircrack.
I know you're asking about pdaxrom, but I've been using an Angstrom x11 image with minimo as the browser, it handles my wireless webpage plus Yahoo mail and other sites that I had problems with on Firefox/pdaxrom.

Best part is it is much faster than firefox.

my 2 cents

Good luck,

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