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Full Version: 3100 As My Single Mobile Device
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I'm considering making my Z my only pocket device. I'll likely want to stick with pdaXrom. So, I guess I'm asking for info on available gsm modems (cf or usb) ease of use functionality, that sort of thing.

The Enfora CF GSM looks like it might do, but will it be possible to type on a clamshell with it in? will it ork through a usb cf adapter on another computer? will it work on pdaX?

Does anyone recommnd anything else?

Any info on using ip telephony over gsm data?

Any thing else I should consider before putting my cell phone away?

all input appreciated/
i always found anything sticking out the side to be annoying.

if it was me personally in your situation i would find the smallest bluetooth phone i can and a CF blutooth card (EDR if you can, with 3G over bluetooth i find that bluetooth is the solwest part)

that way you can recive calls without the Z, and you get better battery life. couple that with a bluetooth headset (i use the sony erricson bluetooth headphones, A2DP and AVRCP as well as HSP and HFP) and you can stream music from the Z to the headphones then have a call interupt the music

as for connecting to the internet using bluetooth, i have a 2 liner script that does it, the reason i use the script is because A) i cont remeber the MAC address of the phone and cool.gif i hovent set up the PAND deamon to autoconnect when it sees the device

if you really want to save space, get a small clamshell and rip the top half off, it becomes tiny then and just chuck it in a backpack or make ityour belt buckle

bluetooth also allows for autohand off to your hoses net connection with a bit more scripting

that reminds me i should get onto that bluetooth wizard (think widcomm bluetooth app on windows mobile). i have most of the ideas done and the reasarch done, it just needs a day or two of scripting
I have both a CF gsm/gprs modem (audiovox) and it works pretty well, there are two versions one which does voice using a nokia type headset (four rings on the 2.5mm jack plug) and one which is data only. I've also used an enfora with success.

I didn't find the CF card sticking out the side to be a major problem, but it's a good 20mm lump!

Personally, I would go with Da Blitz's idea, use bluetooth to your mobile phone, that way you can get a phone localised to your carrier requirements (e.g. 3G, quad GSM etc). I must admit I haven't tried my new Nokia E65 for this yet, it's on my to-do list as soon as I get Angstrom stable.

p.s. I fail to see the point of doing IP telephony over a data connection over cellular! Most carriers prohibit this anyway (except for Three in the UK who permit Skype).
couple that with a bluetooth headset (i use the sony erricson bluetooth headphones, A2DP and AVRCP as well as HSP and HFP) and you can stream music from the Z to the headphones then have a call interupt the music


I just read this with great interest. I have been watching threads looking for something like this. Could you point me to a thread that describes what needs to be done to get this up and running? I am a newbie and need something very basic....

the point of ip telephony, and the idea that maybe I should use a gsm mosem are related--possibly I'm laboring under a misconception?

My carrier has basically 4 plans ( with variants) phone, phone w/ dadat, smartphone, laptop medem connection

using the phone w, data variant I seem unable to get the modem on my voq to pass data--it worked briefly than stopped.

can the providedr be blocking the use of the phone as a modem ( I don't see how, but I don't know much about phones, really)

at any rate, it seemed to me that 'd end up with the gsm modem data plan as a backup---hence the voip idea.

I have an old nokia coffin With bt--maybe I'll give that a whirl, though my bt dongle doesn' seem to work on pdaX, and gnokii seems pretty painflul/for regular use....

in the meantime more info and insight would be appreciated

Edit--also, in the meantime I can use my desktop to check data conections on the 6230
I have the nokia 6230 connected to my desktop --dapper-- with a dongle (making the dongle wor with the Z is another issue)
I have the nokia able to browse over gprs

I cannot seem to to use the nokia as a gprs modem for the desktop--keep getting a get a gprs connection sort of error message.

is this common? is there a known fix?

once the desktop is working I'll move to connecting the Z

incidentally--does the z's usb host provide enough power for a bt dongle?

anyone have a link to a good howto? (as this has clearly been done repeatedly?)

edit--the connection works, I had the wrong access point on the phone
it appears that the Z does NOT power my usb dongle. guess I'll have a look at cf cards
QUOTE(adf @ Jun 6 2007, 05:26 AM)
incidentally--does the z's usb host provide enough power for a bt dongle?

i used to do it with a msi bt dongle
hmm maybe Ill have a look at another dongle, then.
do the 1x00, 3x00 and 6000 vary in their usb host power output I wonder?

I was able to use a silitek usb keyboard with its inbuilt 2-port usb to drive a usb mouse on my 6000; not tried with the 3100 yet.
If you care about voice communications I don't see how you can replace your phone with the Z. But obviously you have already thought about that rolleyes.gif
I seem to remember hearing that the 6k has more juice on usb host
there are possibly rom/kernel differences too? I know on the 3100 cacko ( and I think pdaX) will power my usb las dongle; but that OZ with a 2.6 kernel would not.

my 3100 pdaXii13 v.5.4.5 does not recognize the dongle

My 6k with tetsu kernel and modules; sharprom says (lsusb)
Bus 001 Device 012: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd
is my usb bt dongle

is it power? Bluetooth software? kernel module?

I could; I suppose; load iptables (and squid?) on the 6k connect it to the phone with bluetooth and use it as an access point for the 3100 via an ad-hoc connectio;|or something like this. It"d be interesting, but it isn"t what I'm after.

I'd try with a powere hub. but the only one I can find in the house is doing stopgap duty connecting drives to my server til I get arount to putting the server in a bigger case

My voice communication is pretty minimal-- calls to friends from home, the odd bit of calling while on the road for info or repair service. Mostly I don"t answer my phone and check my voice mail periodically. I really could survive with just the Z--- but it looks like I"m doing the small phone Z combo.

gprs is pretty slow, btw. It tested on my desktop at 16Kb/s. Any of that due to the BT maybe?
Alot of people complain about the USB power problem with a 2.6 Kernel because they fixed a "bug" where you are supposed to shutdown the device if it draws too much current

it was introduced about 2.6.12 i belive and tripped up a couple of people, you normally dont see it at all however if you use the actual VT rather than xterms and you have cheap hardware you will get messages that clog up the display (and require a full screen refresh, not ncurses "optimised" refresh, whatch out for ncurses programs.)

my data plan at the moment is 1GB per month with 10c per MD over the limit for $29 AUD a month. fully unfiltered, no shaping (incedenttly its the three network) everyone at the store says they uses skype and didnt get it why i laughed at them its anoethr $10 AUD for 2GB which i consider resonable, the closest competitor charges 4x for a much worse "buisness" plan

anyway p2p works, but i have never used the standard ports and rotate them on a regular baisis voip works and so does imap with TLS and of course ssh i plan to give openvpn a go next, some ISP's shape thier ports to stop you downloading linux, not because of this "piracy" thing

there is a hardware mod for those who can solder to bump up the power from 200ma to 500ma out the USB port, no ill effects on the Z were observed aport from lower battery life because the device draws more current.

otherwise get a 1m or 10m dongle rather than a 100m which i suspect is the problem here, also try and get a 2.0 dongle and take advantage of EDr and bursting to reduce transmit power

hardware wise you have 2 ways to do it, bluetooth internally (i am assuming an external dongle isnt for you) or a bluetooth CF card (not sure if you use the CF slot)

i would say get a slimline CF slot or if you are willing to lose the usb client get your soldering iorn out and put a buletooth dongle intrenally, or if you are fealing more tricky, take a usb mini A socket, and replace the socket on the dongle so the adaptor can plug right in without a cable

shell scripts avalible seprettly (to launch connection when plugged in)
I had hell doing this with my 5600 - I still have the card floating around somewhere with luck - it was 130 after all. . .

My plan is just to make a two-wire mUSB A-A cable, that transfers no power and backpack my 3200 (When it arrives) with my Universal. I want, after all to have the CF socket free for my next project, namely an iCuiti M920. Whether I go 920-CF or 920-Video with a CF-VGA card is still up for debate, although I'm leaning towards the VGA route, since CF is somewhat Depreciated.
I have been using my zaurus for internet browsing years and years and had an unlimited net access for 24 dollars monthly. I was using a siemens s56 for phone. It recently died and now purchased a razr vxx. Now I need a socketbluetooth and add a digital line to my phone for net access again. my old bluetooth card landed in the grave.
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