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Full Version: How To Activate Right & Middle Click?
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How can right click and middle click be registered under OBSD/Z?

Now I need the keys to access to some interactive stuff in X.

The Fn key is mapped to something totally new to me: ISO_Level3_Shift ... what is that?

I tried Fn/Ctrl/Alt + tap. Nothing happened.

Under pdaX Fn + tap will produce a right click; shift + tap a middle click.

Does OBSD use right and middle clicks at all?

Any idea?

Also the key to the right of Alt is not mapped. What a waste. How can I map it to something useful, such as the Meta/Super/Hyper key?

I tried a again and now Fn + tap does right click.
I need the right click to access the menu of SCIM loaded in the tool bar.
It's just that it takes a second for the menu to pop up.
And it seems the stylus pointer is not calibrated accurately enough. Will recalibrate it again after the next upgrade.
Still i am not sure if Shift + tap does middle click.
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