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Full Version: C1000 Power Issues.
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Hey everyone.

I have a few questions about my newly acquired C1000. I recently purchased it off of an acquaintance, they said they were not able to power the unit up. So, I decided I'd buy it from them since I've been dabbling in the Zaurus kool-aid for a few years now (long time lurker.) I have some Zaurus experience. But I'm not sure if I'm diagnosing the problem correctly.

Currently I have the EA-72 charger and the EA-BL11 battery.

The problem : The Z isn't powering on, it doesn't seem like it's charging either. At first I thought it might be the charger, so I used a PSP charger that didn't do anything. When I plug the device in I don't get any charge lights or anything indicating that it's getting power. I tested the battery it seemed a little low, but I couldn't tell the correct voltage because the multi meter I was using is on the fritz. I have a new one (it's at home and I'm out of town)

I cannot tell if it's possibly the fuse, this is what it seems like. Or if it's just the battery, I just purchased a new (cheap) battery off of ebay to see if it's just the battery. I've read through allot of the threads based on the power issues, but non of them seem to address the same problems I'm having.

Does anyone have any Ideas what it could be?

Thanks a ton!
how long did you let it sit plugged in? If the battery was totally discharged it wouldn't even show a charging light.
I've let sit overnight I believe, with the Z charger, and once with the psp charger. Nothing ever came on. That's what made me think it could be a fried battery or the fuses. For some reason I want to lean toward the battery but it's just a speculation. Since it wont power on with just the AC adapter plugged in that makes me think it might be the fuse.
that sounds like what happened to my old Z, had the polarity of the plug the wrong way around

i did have one problem however, on both teh broken and new Z i have i noticed the power plug wears out and will only charge while still and after applying presure to the connector in the right place

so give it a wiggle and watch out for over volatage and polarity of the charger

I found something out. The cable connector that connects the keyboard / powerbutton was broken. I opened the Z because it looked like it had been opened, and it looks like it was. I looked into it and the cable wasn't connected.

Here is an image of the connector you can see on the left side, the clip is broken off, The brown clasp / clip that holds the cable in place wont stay connected because it only fits into one side. I put the cable in and held it down with some tape and it flickered on for a couple seconds, but then it powered down because it lost connection.

It's kind of a bummer, but I suppose I'll just try to get another Z and part this one out or sell it as a whole. Thanks for the help guy's.

I'll probably post it in the Buy sell trade, if anyone is interested in it. It should be able to be resurrected. I was half tempted to just solder the cable to the pins. But I really don't want to mess with it because it'll probably end up being more work for me than i'd like it.
This is exactly why I will NEVER open my Z again... last time I did it... it cost me 190 USD to send it back to japan to get fixed... never again!

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm just glad I didn't do it hahahaha.

I posted it in the Buy / trade section
actually i bit of bluetak or sticky tape could fix your problem, if you dont want to do that or it dosent work then i may consider buying a broken Z

the brown bit is a retention mechanism if i remeber correcttly and i belive it has nothing to do with the electrical conection. just have to hold it in place and see wink.gif
You're correct. It's just a mechanism, I tried to hold it down with some tape, but it just doesn't seem to get connection again like it did when I first did it. If you're interested let me know. I'll probably let it go for pretty cheap since I bought a new one.
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