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Full Version: Suggestions Requested
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Good day folks,

First, thanks to the people that run this forum and those who have creatied OZ & Opie.

I have recently come into posession of an SL-5600, trading it for a LifeDrive. I certainly got the better end of the deal, I couldn't stand that LD. The hardware was nice enough, but the OS.. oh the OS. I have successfully got it running from a 2GB SD card, so now that I've freed up the RAM and have a swap in place, I can actually use the graphical package manager. Also, kudos to the team for running sshd on boot, that was quite helpfull.

Anyways, I do a fair bit of photography and would like to utilize the 5600 for a portable proofing machine, something I can pop a CF into and take a look at the pictures I've just shot as the screen on my D60 is tiny. I've tried tximage and opie-eye. tximage is almost workable, but it seems to want to go through the entire card upon insertion, and going through a 2GB CF with a few hundred pics on it is just bloody time-consuming. Truly, I could boot my laptop up quicker and view them on that.

I have in the past used various iPaq models that had a CF card and even the built-in image programs seemed to work better, but since I have successfully weaned myself from Windows on the desktop 98% of the time (at home), I would like to do this as well. tkcGallery looks like it may work, but getting it to install in OZ/Opie has been fruitless. So, does anyone have any suggestions? I do have the oz-compat stuff installed, but it doesn't seem to help.

Secondly, as a Gnome fan/fanatic, I was hoping to use GPE on my 5600, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how to synchronize it to my machine at work (XP, Outlook). Opie works just fine with the Qtopia desktop, but I don't know where to begin in GPE.

I'm also looking for suggestions for replacing AvantGo. That is one program I've been using since the days of my Palm III and I really enjoy the functionality. Konq-Embedded doesn't seem to have an offline mode, and Opie-Reader with the plucker codec isn't ... optimal. Slap together a script with wget? Or is there a real program.

Anyways, I've typed entirely too much. Thanks to you all for your time and consideration.
AvantGo basically DLs web pages for offline vieweing, correct? So, unless I'm mistaken, you should be able to just wget the pages, put them in a folder, and view them at will. Somebody here mentioned making a squashfs file out of his web pages to save space.
Indeed, I've been playing around with wget with some success. I've also had to install thttpd, but that's no big thing really. So far I've grabbed two sites with wget, one of them doesn't work because it uses a ?=gobbledeegook formet (and quite possible as something to do with the aspx pages?) that doesn't seem to want to work, but I can live without that site. So far very simple and promising, and I'm loving that I can slap it into a cron job.
Flickr for Zaurus might help you to view your photos.
Well, the thread says it does not work on OZ, but I may try it out. Worth a shot.
I don't know if it'd work on your ROM, but I've had good luck with the image viewer included in the Zfax package. It has a true browser for me to pick which images to view, and I've used it for tiff and jpg images, maybe other formats, don't recall offhand.

Here's my writeup about it:

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