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Full Version: New Zaurus C1000 - Dead Already?
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Hey everyone,

I just purchased a newer C1000 off of ebay a few days ago. It arrived today, everything is in pristine condition. The person didn't use it much so they said, and I'd believe it. It even had the new smell to it. Plastic still on it etc. Anyways. I booted it up, it ran great. I played with it for a while, it was running Cacko 1.23.

I decided I wanted to put PdaXrom on it, So I downloaded the files like usual, Went to the flash menu, battery and power cables plugged in. Proceed to flash to pdaxrom, It errors and reboots to Cacko. I didn't run the updater, So i went and got the Update from the PdaXrom side, powered up the unit.

Ran the update, it said too reboot whilst holding the ok button, so i power it off, I loaded the files back onto the CF card, and went to power up the unit.. And now, It's completely unresponsive, it's pretty dead. I've changed batteries, push the power button, waited I get nothing. I've let it sit with out the batteries for several minutes, try to turn it back on. I get nothing.

There is no longer a charge light the unit is just totally blank and it's not showing any signs of life what so ever. I'm really frustrated, I've never had this problem before with other Z's. And the first day I get my new one it's like it's gone for good. Is there any resolution or did I kill it?

Thanks everyone, I feel like such a dope.
Take another look at the other thread you posted in. I've updatd it, and there may be something useful for you there now.

That worked! Thanks a ton, I did most of it. But I guess I didn't hold it long enough. Thanks again. This thread can be deleted if anyone chooses to do so.
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