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Full Version: Ipocketmac?
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in "Zaurus Replacement" news... how about a Mac?

using an Intel Core Solo, the Sony UX seems to have the most "performance" in a pocketable device currently on the market despite other limitations.
Among wonders, it appears to tolerably run OS X!

these work:
* GMA950 Graphic Display Adapter
* Advanced Power Management Support
* Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Controller Support
* Ethernet Controller (Wired)
* Bluetooth Built-In Adapter
* TouchScreen Support

these don't:
* Fingerprint Support
* Memory Stick Built-In Slot
* Backlight Support
* i-Touch Quick Access Keys
* Camera (Motion Eye)

these might (not yet):
* 3945 Network Adapter (Wireless)
* High Definition Audio Support

Aside from the Sony, OQO model 1 (and I think 2) have been reported
NOT to work with OSX. Flipstart may be possible; its CPU is slower and
only supports SSE2 but hasn't been confirmed or denied.

Apparently some keyboardless UMPCs also have had sucess,
but they (tend to) be slower still, and probably less interesting to Zaurers.
yum! Sony do make nice hardware, shame it's often overpriced and support is dropped far too eagerly.
Overpriced - sure. Much cheaper to buy the Japanese ones in Japan than the American ones.

Support, I'm not so sure. The Sony UX models have been around for a while, and they keep bringing out new models. If it were a clamshell, I'd have bought one last year smile.gif

Instead I'm going to get a Fujitsu Super-Zaurus smile.gif
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