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Full Version: Belkin Woes
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I've had a belkin f8u1500 ir keyboard for a while, I don't use it much, but it has worked well on pdaxrom and (previously) sharp rom. I bought a belkin f8020 Bluetooth CF card recently. It does not work with pdaxii13 5.4.6 ( i tried from a fresh flash after a nand restore trisoft image>cacko>pdaxii13)
It does work with cacko. It seems like the sensible ting to do is stick with cacko. I prefer pdaXrom.

The problem is a). I'd rather use pdaxrom cool.gif. I can't seem to find in IRK version that works with the belkin keyboard on cacko--so I'm kinda stuck between

Does anyone have the belkin version of IRK (that I can use on cacko)?
Does anyone know of a way I can get the BT card working on pdaX?

I've been searching the threads for 3 days-- I have found that the BT card should work on pdax (but doesn't) and I've found that the irk that supports the belkin keyboard is old and the links that I can find seem broken.

Any help would be really appreciated
Give me a second to see if I can dig up a thread I made asking about that same card...

EDIT: This is probably it:
QUOTE(Capn_Fish @ Jun 21 2007, 10:38 PM)
Give me a second to see if I can dig up a thread I made asking about that same card...

EDIT: This is probably it:

I read that thread a couple days ag0. The conf files in the thread won't dl--been driving me nuts, actually. Meanie suggested that I copy the bluetooth.conf file from cacko--so I'm mid-copy of cacko bt stuff. if you happen to have a copy of wowo123's original conf files, Id be happy to heve 'em, though

Incidentally, at this point (bt card aside) pdaxii13 is way less of a headache to install and manage than cacko! (which had 'til very recently been the definitive "easy to install and operate " rom)
Hi adf,

if you look in the accessories thread, in the General forums, you might find that the IRK file linked and uploaded there is the answer for the Cacko rom. Please try the links at the end of the thread. biggrin.gif

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