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Full Version: Two Network Cf Cards?
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Is there any why that I could plug in two cf network cards into a sl-5500?

QUOTE(Joshp @ Jun 24 2007, 02:33 PM)
Is there any why that I could plug in two cf network cards into a sl-5500?


Very much no.

They make CF->PCMCIA adapters, but I don't think you can convert 1 CF slot into 2 PCMCIA slots.

The 6000 could do it with a sled.

A 3100 or 3200 might be able to do it with a lot of software work, by replacing the internal MD.

You could use any of the USB host enabled devices and use one CF, one USB adapter. Or 2 USB adapters. Or use a 6000's wireless, + a CF card.

Or use the USB client function to plug it into a computer and use the computer's network card.

I can't think of any other dual network combos unless you don't care about speed and want to incorporate serial or IR?

Most of your options completely eliminate the 5500, though.


Oh! Thought of another one. Get the CF->USB card and a pair of USB adapters.
Ya I figured, my idea is just as crazy though. I want to turn my 5500 with a broken screen into a firewall for my network. Was just trying to figure out some ideas.

That would be one slow firewall...
Well I never said it would be fast, mostly for a back up in case my main one goes down. And just to see if it can be done.

well it would be faster than 90% of the home routers that people have (mips 200Mhz 32MB of ram)

it could be done with a c3xxx series (and quite nicly, seems like a good use for the ones that are getting sold) but usb is your best bet

you could have a firewall with one interface with vlans (crazy) or by making it the gateway but i would consider it non safe for production use
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