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Full Version: The Story Of Psion
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Still missing my Psion 5 which I used four years ago.

Now still using the organizer by running Psion emulator on Windows XP.
Definattly worth a read, i had no idea about some of the things you could do with the calender app, must try and whip somthnig up to do somthing simmilar
QUOTE(Da_Blitz @ Jun 27 2007, 02:54 AM)
i had no idea about some of the things you could do with the calender app
The most incredible thing about the Series 5 apps is amount of embedding you could do - calendar entries could have a Word file attached (Epoc Word not M$ Word), the Word file itself could have images embedded, drawn using the Sketch program as well as voice notes from the Recorder program. For extra fun you might want to embed a spreadsheet and a chart or two from the Sheet program. And with the optional printer adapter you could connect the Psion to a supported printer and print out your masterpiece. Contrast that to the Pathetic Pocket Office that you get with wince machines - I believe it was only very recently that Pocket Excel gained the ability to do charts and Pocket Word is still nothing more than a basic fancy text editor (half a step up from Notepad).
I started reading the link and sort of had to pace myself over a whole day to read the 10page article ... *phew* ... but it's a good read! wink.gif

I never really got into Psions but saw them as expensive goodies on shelves that was out of my reach as a student back then. But I got myself a new old Diamond Revo (basically a remarked Mako, or was it the other way round?) and boy, was I thrilled! As always, the ridiculously long batt life, speedy response of apps, without a compromise in usability ... in fact, most who own(ed) one would attest to their superiority!

Anyway, just some good news for Kohjinsha users ... installing the Psion 5 SDK gives you all the emulator goodness! Remember to install AlarmPlusWin (not AlarmPlus, as they binaries are not for the windows emulators) so that your preferences, like home timezone is saved.

Now I wonder whether I should create one user account to load the emulator as the default shell so that the system simply appears as an over-sized psion 5, or a psion 7 (Netbook!) ... smile.gif

You can also install psion 3 or psion 7 if you like.
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