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Full Version: 16 Gb Cf Card $130.99
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Unfortunately, they don't ship internationally.

Could somebody buy this card for me?
I wonder who makes the flash memory chips in this CF card. In my experience, non-Sandisk CF cards tend to drain the battery of whatever device that they are in faster than a Sandisk CF card even if the device is not used. For example, if I leave a 1GB Kodak CF card in my Zaurus SL-C760 overnight, the battery will read low in the morning. If I leave a 4GB CF Sandisk card in my Zaurus SL-C760 overnight, the battery will still be full in the morning.
The specs says this card is slow(er) (40X)...
would the Z know the difference in speed?
Probably not. When flash card manufacturers cite a speed such as 40X, they mean that the device is about 40 times faster than the original 1X 150KB/s CDROM drives. That would be about 6000KB/s or about 6MB/s, 6 MegaBytes per second. No one, as far as I know, has reported such sustained data transfer rates on a Zaurus with a flash memory device.
It's now $119.
Did anyone get one?
Now it's $104.99 + shipping.

A little much for me to spend. I ordered one of the 8 GB ones ($57.99 + shipping). I already have had a 4 GB one from A-Data in my Z for about maybe a year. It has worked flawlessly.

I think I'll post that too, since it is a little more affordable than the 16 GB card.
Now its $87.99. Got mine today, so far so good. (Doh! I just looked again, and the price dropped from $94 to $88!)
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