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Full Version: Vista Is Watching You
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I finaly went over to ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu. No more windows for me! I am free from the crack addiction.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Jul 2 2007, 03:51 PM)

I finaly went over to ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu.  No more windows for me!  I am free from the crack addiction.

nice article. Welcome to Debian (Ubuntu). You'll be happier here. I switched about 4 years ago --- among other reasons in protest of the MS/DELL upgrade cycle/rape of public school finances/ and the imposition of MScraack on students (besides a ton of other ethical issues, and some basic technical issues) I really prefer to use linux now, I feel like I have blinders on (and a bit soiled, too) using windows.
Aye. I moved from Windows about a year ago. Went through SuSE, Mandriva, RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Arch, Gentoo, Slackware and am currently settled on Debian. I really like Slackware's packaging system, same with Arch and Gentoo, but none of them installed nicely for me.

Anyway, Linux is way better than Windows, independent of which distro you're talking about.
Redhat/Fedora all the way for me... its been 5 years :-)

I'm sticking with UBUNTU.

I First tried 6.04LTS as I was fed up of the upgrade troll every time a "New" feature came out in MS or some other distributions.

After some issues with Hardware (ATI Dirvers spit....) I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.04 and was the fastest OS upgrade I ever did.

Not only did it keep all the 6.04 settings, I have great performance and 3D graphics acceleration working woohoo.

Anyway, Only one machine left in the house with MS. And that’s the Wife's although last I looked, she was using my PC cos it was working faster. I think that means her machine has a virus or some other downloaded pile of crap burning up the CPU

As an article in Linux Mag pointed out :-

Dear Mr Gates

Thank you for all your hard work in producing Vista, It has really helped our organisation and prompted an unexpected growth in our customer base.


I thought you couldn't upgrade dapper to feisty directly? Did you just change te repositories and upgrade?
I realize I"m a little off topic, but tis would be useful info.
QUOTE(adf @ Jul 4 2007, 07:38 PM)
I thought you couldn't upgrade dapper to feisty directly?  Did you just change te repositories and upgrade?
I realize I"m a little off topic, but tis would be useful info.

Very easy upgrade, if you think ahead.

I have the following partitions

/ on hda1 at about 8GB
swap about 2GB
/home on hda6 Rest of disk

all the client applications I install so data sits in home. Thunderbird for example.

To upgrade I stuck the 7.04 DVD in the drive booted, clicked install, reformatted hda1
Let Ubuntu do its stuff
used the same user name and password for the account
rebooted and selected the same apps I had in the old version (I could have automated but didn't)
35 Mins from start to finish I had my new OS, new versions of Apps (inc google earth), all my user data, profile date, shortcuts, email, desktop settings and just about everything setup form my old profile.

Only thing I needed to do was reinstall my printer driver as I did have to hack 6.04 (Samsung laser) oh and I did need to stop grinning as Scorched earth 3d worked in all its glory.

After that I re-added some non standard repository strings for Skype and Cinelerra video suite and bobs you're uncle.

Considering getting some of the apps I use used to take weeks of hacking under some distro's I love Ubuntu's ease of use and most of al lits clear documentation. Try googling Ubuntu howto QEMU and in 30 mins or so you can have another OS booting in its own virtual machine. All with clear step by step documentation and workrounds.
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