I am ultimately trying to implement a simple applet that will play a sound when a button is pushed...and will pause when it is pushed again.

Using java I am having a world of problems. The sound support is bleak. I am forced to use an applet so that I can use the AudioClip interface. I have a work around that works, but it requires that I be able to write a file (the remainder).

I have read and re-read the documentation...but I cannot seem to get the applet to write a file. There are references that say that if I load the applet from the file system, that the appletviewer will allow reading and writing.

There are other references that say I need to set the acl.write in the .hotjava/properites file.

I have tried everything combination of these approaches I can invent, with no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Is there an easier way to approach this. Perhaps using a different language?

Any idea, no matter how remote or unlikely will be appreciated.