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Full Version: A Tip For Links2 Users
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I just discovered a useful thing in Links2 (GUI mode): If you change the aspect ratio to ~0.8, it will fit pages width-wise better on the Z screen.

Hopefully this is useful to somebody and I'm not the last person to discover it.

EDIT: 0.72 seems to be perfect for this site (no scrollbars when posting!). It's a bit squished, but readable.
1. can you please put screenshots of links2 "in action" ?
2. does it support javascript "the way we know it" ? i.e. can it replace Minimo on web-browsing?
Well, it doesn't seem to want to post a screenshot ATM (never had issues with attachments before...), but look at the screenshots section of the image galleries at Tyrannozaurus. There's a screenshot there.

Javascript is pretty good, not perfect. Of course I may be running it with Javascript turned of now, but for instance I can't get the smilies to work ATM.

I use Links2 for my general Z browsing and am happy with it. My main issues with it are:

-Funny/annoying rendering some pages (google)
-Grey/white backgrounds on all pages!

Other than that, Minimo probably renders in a more eye-candy-ish way, but Links2 is faster and renders usably, not to mention with total keyboard control.

it does help. thanks!
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