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Full Version: Want To Try Pdaxrom But
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Hello guys,

I have a stupid question, but i would like the answer before getting in pdaxrom.

I would like to try this distro, but i 'm afraid of the U-boot system (as it seems that it will overwrite sharp's emergency boot).

What is the way to go back to a 'factory' OS ? is there a link of a howto somewhere ?
does a NAND restore is just ok ?

thanks for your replies.


P.S : have a c760 wink.gif
You can restore your previous distro (as long as it's compatible with a sharp layout) by making a full nand backup (form D+M menu) before you install pdaxrom ... and restore it if you want to go pack.
There is also an alternative way to just restore the sharp flash updarter and then reinstall your previous distro (I read of it in some thread here and took not for reminder on my home page somewhere).

Please take nothe that the full nand backup/restore is not working on beta4 and above
so do not use it to make backups of beta4+ (restore will fail).
Also take a look at the "is your z dead after trying to install pdaxrom" thread (pinned) above. It basically says the same stuff as louigi600, but in more detail.
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