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Full Version: Lan Games For Z And Others
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I'm going to go up to my uncle's cabin with him in a bit, and was thinking of bringing my laptop, a router, and my Z to play LAN games up there, and am looking for recommendations. Preferably:

-No living M-rated violence (No excessively gorey killing of people/aliens/etc)

-Not too complex

-Fun enough to play for at least an hour

-Will run well on the Z

-A co-op game would be nice to have in addition to competitive ones.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: They don't need to be compiled for the Z already, I can do that.
OK, any fun LAN games that would run well on the Z?

I have a hard time thinking that nobody here has ever played/heard of LAN games that would run on the Z.
QUOTE(Capn_Fish @ Jul 13 2007, 02:58 PM)
-No living violence (No killing of people/aliens/etc, but machine destruction is OK, eg tanks)

heh...sadly, this pretty much disqualifies most of the games.

BUT...there is one game that's worthy of your attention:

"SCORCHED EARTH" is the name of the game.

and here is a linux clone of the same game:
Check the above human violence requirement. How about "no M-rated violence?"
how about this:
AFAIK, only machines (tanks) are involved in scortched earth.

You could also try bzflag (if it runs on a zaurus, I think I saw a bitbake recipe somewhere for openembedded) : only tanks, and some modes don't have many destruction involved (cooperative and catch the flag mode available)

In the non-violent category, you could find some fun lan puzzles such as frozen bobble (bust a move clone involving penguins).

You could also find some racing games, but not many of them have a lan mode. I remember zsnes having a networked 2 player modes, I don't know if another snes emulator (running on the Z, such as snes9x) have it as well. Then you could play pang or Super Mario Kart smile.gif

Zsnes runs great on x86, but I think there is far too much ASM in it to be portable on arm.

Good luck smile.gif
XScorch is fun, but is there any way to stop from going off the bottom of the map?

I'm not so sure about emulation. I guess I'd rather have compile and go sorts of games...

Keep the suggestions coming please, and thank you!
OK, I found another one: Crimson Fields
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