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Full Version: C860 -> C3100 Or C1000?
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So I've got a C860 right now. It's cool enough, but yesterday in a store downtown I found a few used Zauri (Zaurii?)

There's a used C3100 (4gig micro drive) for 26300 (about $215) and a C1000 for 25000 (about $200.) Here in Japan that's pretty cheap for a Zaurus (even used) as in stores they are regularly much more, and go for $300 or more on auctions. The C3300(?) new in stores is still $600 ...

My question is, is it worth getting either one of them? Are they an improvement over the C860 in terms of software, updated OS, etc? I've had trouble getting software to install/run properly on my C860, would either of these newer Zauri solve this problem?

Thanks in advance! smile.gif
The C3100 is definately a huge upgrade from the C750. It solves the issue of needing to swap out CF cards for the Wi-Fi card, and its keyboard is nicer too. I say upgrade.

Worst case, you decide you don't need the new Z and sell it here for ~250 USD and make a profit (those are darn cheap).

EDIT: I haven't had any issues with software installations/running (with proper libs and stuff) on either of my Zs, so I guess I would attest that it does cure the installation issues.
Aside from the USB Host functionality the 1000 does not much of an upgrade from an 860. The 3100 is a decent upgrade from the 860 with the microdrive especially if you decide to pdaXii13 on it. I would go for the 3100 if I were you.
Thanks for the quick replies smile.gif

I thought the 1000 would be better since it's newer(-ish) but I guess the 3100 makes more sense. The one in the store has a missing USB cable (should be easy to get a new one) and CF card slot dummy card. Other than that it looks to be in fine shape.
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