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Full Version: Spitz.xmodmap Non English
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I'm trying to change spitz.xmodmap to use polish special letters, but everytime I change keycodes to polish I have a problem.
In Abiword Fn with a letter pull down menu.
In other applications it looks as if I don't use Fn (I do) and there are normal english letters instead.
Any help will be appreciated.

Kind regards,
sorry i don't know.
what i did (hebrew and russian keyb layouts)
i changed the whole keyboard map to totally different letter set.

in case of polish key-set, only 6 or 8 keys need a modifier. hmmm.
in the "standard" xmodmap there are already keys dedicated to nordic/latin accents, using the Fn. do they work normally for you (i don't have the Z here).

you can try to use them with "shift+..." if something else doesn't work, but then it's not easy to use capitalized letters.
did you try using Ctrl or Alt as modifiers? (like the real polish "programmers" keyboard) ?

i will try myself as well (poczebuje to tez) but it's not that urgent for me so it might take a while.

Yes, latin letters ike german for exaple works. When I change those german letters to polish in spitz.xmodmap I cannot use them with fn. It's really strange. I haven't tried with alt or ctrl because I don't know how.

(Czesc smile.gif )

Kind regards,
Please, no one is using non-standard letters?
I'm using Polish "programmers layout" with pdaxii13 on Akita. Had to remap few symboks to free 'l' and 'e' up. Other than that no problems, Fn+key works ok.

Try to load the keymap manually. Open terminal in X and do 'xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/spitz.xmodmap' (if I remember the path correctly). That should give you Polish keyboard.
If that's the case, make sure your window manager setup calls xmodmap.

Yatza smile.gif
I will try that. If nt, could you send me yours xmdmap file to test it? smile.gif

Thanks in advance.
Attached is the keymap I use. For example symlink it as "spitz.xmodmap" or whatever file your ~/.xinitrc is loading. smile.gif
I wil check that. Maybe my problems are because of deinstalation of scim? I will tell you if it work for me smile.gif
It doesn't work. I think I will reinstall pdaxii13 and check if it work.
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