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Full Version: Ka/pi Ko/pi Irda Sync
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I'm trying to sync ka/pi and ko/pi on my C750 with my phone via irda. I want to get all the contacts off my 9500 and then setup syncing with my 6230i (both Nokia). I'm running it in konsole to get more info, but that's not being very helpful.

If I don't start any irda services (via "irattach /dev/ttyS1", "/etc/rc.d/irda start" or via the settings application), then ka/pi waits for a while and then says that the device timed out. This makes sense, since /dev/ircomm is being specified as the device, not /dev/ttyS1, so irattach needs to be running to connect ircomm to the actual device.

If I do start irattach, it instantly says "Error opening device. Unknown/busy or no permissions."- which looks like it can't open /dev/ircomm. But, /dev/ircomm is owned by user "zaurus" anyway (with 700 perms) and chmodding to 777 makes no difference. fuser /dev/ircomm shows nothing is using it. The phones both show up correctly in /proc/net/irda/discovery.

It doesn't matter which phone I try it with. It doesn't matter if I leave the model setting in ka/pi blank or put in 6310 or 9500 or 6230- same result every time.

So I'm stuck. IrDA is one of those things I have spent lots and lots of time configuring on various systems and know plenty about, but always always have problems with and far too often can never fix them (I can't actually get IrDA working at all on my laptop- everything attaches to the the device but nothing comes out of the LED- but that's another story).

If anyone has managed to get ka/pi and/or ko/pi to sync via irda please make yourself known- along with the settings you used.

I would probably be able to get much further with gammu or gnokki directly, but those packages aren't available (then again they've been modified in ka/pi anyway).

Amazing. I've managed to get irda working on my laptop. My 6230i works perfectly with gammu (v1.08) via irda on there. Using exactly the same config (model = 6820, connection = irda, port = /dev/ircomm) it doesn't work with kammu (forked from gammu v0.97) on my Z. So I managed to find ordinary gammu (v1.05) for my Z. That works perfectly.

So unless something major changed between gammu v0.97 and v1.05, whatever they did with kammu has broken it.

Any suggestions anyone?
Are we using the latest version of kammu?

How will ka/pi react if I replace the kammu executable with the working gammu one?
EDIT: Not very well by the looks of it. Got segmentation faults until I gave it a config file, but now kapi dies for some reason.
Oh joy of joys- kammu in the desktop world is a KDE frontend to gammu, not the pi-sync modified version of gammu. That's making google searches much less helpful.
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