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Full Version: Used + Available 1k Blocks Don't Equal Total
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I've just noticed this. When I run df, the number of Used and Available 1k blocks doesn't equal the Total number reported for ext3 formatted CF cards. For vfat cards it matches exactly. For ext3 cards the difference exceeds 400 meg for an 8 gig card - huge difference.

I've split the card into three partitions, one ext3, one swap, and one non-mkfs-ed. Does this have any effect?

And why the difference? Is this normal?
Ext filesystems reserve blocks for the super user (5% by default), so that may account for the blocks. Also, there are a few other blocks that are backup blocks or something.

I may have something wrong, but I'm sure somebody will come along and elaborate/correct.
You can use the command:
mke2fs -m 0 /dev/hda1
to format a CF card to ext2 without creating the reserve blocks.

Maybe something like:
mke3fs -m 0 /dev/hda1
would work that way for ext3, I don't know.
I have always heard that ext3 file system is hard on CF cards due to journaling putting excess writes to disk. Maybe whoever posted this info before can elaborate on newest opinion concerning use of ext3?
I heard the same thing, that using EXT2 on flash is better for it, eg causes less wear.
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