I'm using Meanie's pdaXqtrom package on an SL-C3200 stock Sharp ROM with Tetsu's kernel. I'm consistently witnessing the following behaviour:

If I leave the X/Qt window in foreground when the Z suspends, then upon resume, the app crashes/closes, have to restart it.

I always have Qkonsole open also, now if I have the Qkonsole in foreground, upon resume, it switches to the Home tab, and I can then switch to Qkonsole, or the X/Qt which remains running.

Now, often I forget to switch to Qkonsole before suspend, or it suspends because there's no activity.

I'm using the susp-resume package, so would like to construct a susp script which would bring the Qkonsole to the foreground and/or also make the Qtopia menu bar visible (since I usually run X/Qt in fullscreen, and it seems that when the bar is not visible, it also has an effect).

What is the easiest way to achieve these tasks in the script? Make the Qtopia bar visible in X/Qt if not and then switch to Qkonsole? qcop command? Could anyone write the syntax?

Thanks a lot.