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Full Version: Usb Led Light
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I blogged about a USB LED light that I picked up recently. Check it out if you are interested:
Well If you're into soldering and homebrew looking solutions you can buy a high efficiency white LED from electronics shop (around 1 Euro) and then use a small piece of solid core coax cable (like tv antenna cable) to make the bend into whatever shape you like leed, or find an equally hombrew clip solution ;-).
The 5V from the USB OTG will be more then enough to light up the LED and will require you to solder a small resistance. Avoid driving more then 30mA through your LED or it will not last too long (that works out roughly to: avoid using less the 100 Ohm limiting resistor).
Someone with a 6k put an LED right above the keyboard, but I can't remember who it was (da_blitz, maybe). I thought that would be the ultimate "keyboard light" hack.
I thought it was somebody with a blue 5x00 that put 3 incandescent bulbs in his/her Z? Or did I miss the 6000 hack?
Here's another intresting one:
I've noticed that the keys on the C7x0 keyboard ate translucent, it could be possible to place some SMD LEDs in the keyboard pcb and have them light up with a spare GPIO pin controlled via software. It would be nice to have your Z keyboard light up like a mobile phone keyboard ;-)
wasent me, but i have seen that hack somewhere, i remember stumbling onto it after clicking someones sig, its was a photo gallery if i remember correctly and had an antenna mod for the internal wireless as well
Hum ... internal wireless ... thet would be inther in a 6000 or a 1000 coz the others fo not have room inside. Not sure about 6000 but the C1K keys are not translucent so doing that mod on a C1K would require a lot^2 of work ;-)
I saw here that some dude added bluetooth and wifi modules in the empty MD slot of a C1K but link seems to be broken right now. In any case that mod inhibitet any future operation as client (not that I'd use it very frequently bu it's handy when you travel and you do not want to take around with you also the card reader) and also required modification to kernel to reuse for different pourpose 2 GPIO pins.
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