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Full Version: Questions About The Pma430
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I know it's been a while since I have been back here, but I am currently doing some work with game ROMs, DivX & multimedia files. Which I heard that the Archos PMA430 not only runs off of Linux, but also can run various game ROMs, has anyone had any experience in this area? If this is true, I'd like to find out the best places to shop for one of these units and accessories.
Also just wondering if there is anyone still using the PMA430? I know it's a couple of years old, but still looks like a decent machne still with some support out there.
I just ordered one through B&H Photo, and it's on the way. I found some good info on my own through various searches, and now looking for some good accessories to go with it. Just wondering if anyone out there has done any work with alternative ROMs other than openPMA? It would be nice if I got Cacko to work on it, just asking for some help on this.
Nice $200 now through B&H. Not bad for a 30GB handheld. I'm tempted to pick one up myself for that price.

Unfortunately, the lack of keyboard and VGA screen meant it wasn't adopted by the community here. sad.gif

As for emulators ("running game ROMs"), Zaurus programs for Sharp ROM can be made to work on the PMA with some tweaking (changing of hard-coded directory paths in the .ipk).
But still for the price, and the 30GB of storage there's a lot it can be used for.
Just got mine in today (accessories on the way), tinkering with some of the settings. Also wondering how to get a divx file to play.
just installed openpma ... seems to work great , browsing my files on my linux server with samba ...

by the way there is a nice chat channel here : and the devs are working hard on openpma 3.0 ...
QUOTE(Cyberdoc1971 @ Aug 7 2007, 09:36 PM)
Also wondering how to get a divx file to play.
I am not sure if it s the right way to do it but I converted some videos to xvid codec with virtualdub to play them ...
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