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Full Version: Screen Capture, Portrait Mode, Stock Rom - How?
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I have a stock C3000, and I know that I can create a screen capture by typing Shift-Fn-C. What I don't know and probably should, is how to get a screen capture in portrait mode, when the keyboard is by definition inaccessible. I've tried opening it up just a little, but it switches to landscape mode before I can open it wide enough to get my fingers to the keys.

I searched, and found scrot, but that seems to require X11 to be installed.

I feel pretty stupid about this, because there just has to be a simple way, surely?

Enlightenment would be much appreciated. If said enlightenment included a way to trigger a full-screen capture from a program (stock ROM, please remember), that would be icing on the cake.

(I'm asking this because I want to create screen shots of my program while it's running. I do realize that I can save the program's part of the screen area from within the program, but I'd like to see the title bar and task bar in the screen shot too.)


open a terminal and issue the command
sleep 5 ; /home/sharp/bin/scshot shot
and you have 5 seconds to switch back to where you want to take your screenshot. Adjust to taste.

For a second there I thought someone stole my handle.
Brilliant - thanks, jfv! And over an ssh connection, the plain command works like a charm.

QUOTE(jfv @ Jul 29 2007, 03:06 AM)
For a second there I thought someone stole my handle.

The handle isn't a steal - just a close imitation. Please consider it the sincerest form of flattery smile.gif
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