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Full Version: Freenoteqt/qpdf Text Problem
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I've had an 860 for a few years, but upgraded to a "new" 3100 yesterday. Actually it is 2nd hand but appears to be in perfect condition, the 2nd hand Sofmap shop in Akihabara has several for 31-33,000 if anyone is interested (and 3200s for 40,000 or so etc).

So far I've had no real problem setting it up, but I've encountered a small annoyance with freenoteqt and qpdf viewer, in that when I export a pdf from the former, the text does not appear in the latter. The text really is there in the pdf, I can see it when I move the file to a PC. So it seems to be a qpdf issue. I have qpdf2_freetype-2.2.1-20040217_arm.ipk which was the latest I found...does anyone else have this problem? [I didn't have freenoteqt on my 860, but now I'm looking again through the reams of potentially useful software.]


There is a newer one here
QUOTE(tovarish @ Jul 30 2007, 04:28 AM)

Thanks, I've installed that - and its dependencies (google is great) :-)

But it still doesn't do Freenoteqt text. If someone else could try out this attached file - it is a sample off the freenoteqt web site - I8d be grateful. It has text in the upper section of the page which doesn't appear in qpdf2 (for me).


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