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Full Version: Help Please For Reflashing 3100
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Dear All,
I know most of this - possibly even all of it - has been covered before, so apologies.
I have a 3100 which was running Sharp. I attempted reflashing to pdaXii13 by following the instructions. A faulty installation that seemed OK but would not restore from suspend - there seemed to be something on the screen but no backlight and impossible to see error message.
So tried to install Cacko (with which I thiought I was familiar from using it on an 860). Used pdaXii13 NAND tools to restore HD partitioning to default. Cacko install failed "HD not initialised".
Trisoft seem to cover this with HD files, but do not explain in detail how to use them - just say boot in command line mode. Do I just copy the files they give to the new partitions as created with NAND restore to default?
Sorry it's a bit long. Hope someone can help. Does the pdaXii13 problem sound familiar if I decide to try it again?
QUOTE(mfbrown @ Aug 3 2007, 08:41 AM)
NAND tools to restore HD partitioning to default.  Cacko install failed "HD not initialised". 

I think meanie's (menaie) pages will help a bit more on this.
I used to own one of these units for development, I hadn't heard of a HD disk error. Cacko is my preference on linux, did you go to: Cacko@tyrannozaurus-Install

See if that helps, not sure if the other ROMs have a fix to this problem.
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