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Full Version: Tck Rom Applications.tar.gz
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I'm currently running a sharp 3.10 rom on a sl5500. I'm using PIM applications syncing to my work windoze/outbreak machine using Intellisync but would like to get working WPA and possibly bluetooth and mobile internet working on it. I've been experimenting with several roms of late

OZ Opie- can't get it to sync and can't see where the inbox app is.

The Kompany rom. Interesting but the PIM apps were removed and packaged into a file referred to as applications.tar.gz. It is hosted on ZUG whose download section no longer works. I've managed to find the Alpha 3 rom images by searching this forum but I cannot find the applications archive that goes with it. Does anyone here have that file?
cool.gif I just wasted a fair bit of time trying to attach my copy of the requested file. I had no luck whatsoever. (Possibly the file is too large?) dry.gif

I have another suggestion. The Hybrid rom has a similar group of apps.The files are available elsewhere and they might work with the rom you are using. biggrin.gif

Whether they do or not : take a look in the 5500 general forum and read 2gb and home on sd for Sharp rom.

This would give you the applications, the ability to have home on sd and to use sd cards bigger than 1gb. biggrin.gif

If you absolutely have to have the files you are asking for please pm me and give me an email address to post you the files. Be warned, it is nearly 9mb.

If there is anyone who would like to host this file or any of the others that I have lying about please pm me with instructions about uploading? smile.gif

Obviously this site is not going to solve its problems any time soon! rolleyes.gif
Thanks for the tip - I do not yet have an SD card that big but MP3s are now playing back much smoother with the faster driver. It also keeps my options open for later SD card upgrades.

I stuck the Koffice PIM apps on but it does not appear these pick up information from the standard Zaurus sync (which seems to work perfectly but I don't have the apps to read it). I presume there is no way to get these two systems to talk and you have to use opensync for the Koffice apps which won't work with my company issue 'doze box.

I still need the applications as I could use a browser as I notice that is also removed from this rom. Aside from that everything seems to be peachy with it. I also hope the old media player is included as OTRplayer is a little bit pants. I might break the bank and spring for the Kompany one later. I'll also rehost it as it appears noone else is hosting it right now.

I PMed you my email addresses earlier but if that doesn't work you can DCC me on IRC. You should find me on Rizon as ME-tan_ and I have autoaccept on. If this doesn't work out i'll see if I can organise a SFTP session for you.

You can find applications removed from tkc rom 2.0 here

Hope this helps
QUOTE(plcg @ Aug 6 2007, 07:17 PM)

You can find applications removed from tkc rom 2.0 here

Hope this helps

Thanks, Downloading it now. I'll still do the rehost as someone like me might find this thread later on.

Ed - Rehosted, I'll add the other image files I used too later.
cool.gif Hi Me-tan,

looks like I don't need to upload anything after the link from plcg, I'm sure that a fair number of people will be grateful for that link

As regards the kdepimpi stuff, there is an option within the calendar and contacts programs to sync with the original apps. It works but it is easy to get confused with which direction you are going! rolleyes.gif

As regards mp3, there is an ipk to provide ogg playback. It works well. biggrin.gif

I'll go and look at my inbox now!

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