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Full Version: Any G Cards That Work?
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Are there any 802.11G cards that work with the Zaurus (mostly pdaXrom)? If not, why?
Nobody? I thought people were interested in having 802.11G on the Zaurus.
I think most people who wanted 802.11g on the Z have given up. There are no working g cards as far as I know [at least not for pdaXrom] -- I'm not sure why (maybe driver problems?). Maybe koen will prove me wrong with another one-liner. wink.gif

If you are going to try to get a g card to work, I will say good luck!
afaik, g card support was added in the 2.6.x kernel but not in 2.4.x kernel so only distros that have 2.6.x kernels can build modules that support g cards....
I read somewhere that there was a G card people were trying to use. I can't find the thread now (probably right under my nose). If somebody could tell me the driver for that card/the name of that card, I'll try to build it (sooner if it only needs the kernel source, later if it needs a kernel rebuild).

OK, the router I just got only supports G mode, so I think I'll try to get a G card working. Does anybody have any suggestions for cards and or information as to what drivers/chipsets they use? I'd like to be at least fairly certain that this will work before I spend some $50-$100 or more on a wireless card.


EDIT: This looks like a good one (and it says it supports Linux):
I think people suggested that the Zydas usb one should work, if the driver could be fixed up. There was another make too which I think someone was working on, but I forget, it'll come back to me what it was.

Ah yes, the ralink adapter - the guy who was looking at it liked it because it also did WPA by itself rather than needing wpa supplicant etc.

Sorry, that's as much as I can help you with, but I'd love it for you to succeed! Next time I can borrow a cheap wifi dongle I'll see what the Z makes of it.
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