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Full Version: Looking Or An Adapter..
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I need an adapter that goes goes from female cf/microdrive to female ide. Does anyone know if such a beast exists?
I'm not quite sure what you're wanting, as you list a very odd combination of directions. Here's the top possibilities:

Plug a CF/microdrive into a PC motherboard directly with this $6 adapter

A card that plugs into a CF slot and has IDE on the other end exists, but is typically fairly expensive(~$40). Call Advantech, as they sell them for their SBCs. There isn't a female end on it, but a small cable will solve that.This adapter is passive and would not work on a Zaurus without a lot of programming to get the slot into IDE mode.

If you're looking to plug in a IDE drive into your non-USB equipped Zaurus, it's a bit of a long route, but you could get a PCMCIA to CF adapter and a PCMCIA to IDE adapter (both cheap off eBay).
QUOTE(Fushnchupsh @ Aug 7 2007, 12:28 PM)
I need an adapter that goes goes from female cf/microdrive to female ide.  Does anyone know if such a beast exists?

cool.gif If what you want is to access an ide hard disk from your Z, then from your sig, the simplest arrangement would be to get a powered usb case for an ide hard drive. There are such available from 2.5 through to 5.25 form factor. Then it is just a matter of host usb connection and the use of the mount command. biggrin.gif

There are also usb to ide adapters and I'd hope that you would simply be able to use the host usb to connect through. You'd still need to power the drive and to use the mount command.

I'd hope you wouldn't need to find a driver to work that adapter. sad.gif

Hope this helps

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