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Full Version: Milkytracker
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I have recently been playing with Milkytracker on the GP2X, which only has a 200Mhz ARM processor and a 320x240 screen but is still capable of running Milkytracker very well (if you don't mind using the joypad instead of a mouse). Milkytracker is a lot more powerful, stable and feature complete than any other tracker for Linux except maybe skale tracker but that hasn't been updated in years, is not FOSS, skale is only available for Windows and x86 Linux and nor does skale have a 320x240 mode as far as I'm aware.

Milkytracker is not yet open source but the author does plan to open it when he's happy with the state of the code. There is a ARM Linux binary of Milktracker available for download already that is supposed to work with the Zaurus but it didn't work on my c3000 under cacko so maybe its a pdaXrom bin? Could somebody try it under pdaX and let me know if it works? Anyone interested in porting Milkytracker or making changes to the code can get in touch with the author
well, it's working on C1000 running pdaxii3 latest. but i can't get the mouse working in console. i haven't played much with it 'cos i'm not really familiar with trackers.
Well thats a start!

Does the mouse work if you run it under X11?

I presume it runs in 640x480 and not 320x240 mode?
There are also a bunch of Instructional videos you can download and watch if you want to learn how to make music with Milkytracker. I'd start with watching this one:

There are many more vids and links to written tutorials and FT2 manuals at

Think about it, once you've learned Milky you can make music using exactly the same program on a Zaurus, PC (Lin or Win), Mac, GP2X, Solaris, FreeBSD.. even a PocketPC, God forbid! wink.gif
The scrollers seem to judder when you playback which is a bit weird. Sound is fine except when you are trying to edit it doesn't seem to play the sample. I've been looking for this kind of software for a long time; was planning to write it myself just never got around to it.
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