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Full Version: Hancom Mobile Sheet deletes entered formula
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Help please, this is driving me nuts.

I have a small spreadsheet that I use to log my work hours and calculate the amount to invoice the company I am contracted to.

There is one formula that I have that joins two numerical cells together:

Its just a visual thing to make my hours and minutes display in the correct format.

For some unknown reason, every time I re-open the file, the formula has been replaced by a '0' in the cell. If I replace the formula, save it, close sheet and re-open the file, the cell is once again displaying '0'

This only seems to happen with the =UNION() function, any other function I have used so far work fine.

I'm using a SL5600, running Sharp kernal 2.4.18, and Qtopia 1.5.4

Has any one else seen this happen?

are you, by any chance, saving this file as .xls rather than native Hancom? That would explain it IF you're not using any other Hancom functions that do not exist in Excel.
Yes, i am saving the file as a .xls
I didnt know it was a Hancom specific function, I didnt even know there WERE Hancom specific functions!! I've re-entered the function, saved as .hst, closed and re-opened the file and it works just fine.

Thanks for the very quick reply.

Just out of curiosity, is there an equivalent excel function? I used to use =STRING() on my old Psion5 excel compatible spreadsheet, but that doesnt work on the Zaurus.


As it turns out, there is:
CONCATENATE (text1,text2,...)

Text1, text2, ...   are 1 to 30 text items to be joined into a single text item. The text items can be text strings, numbers, or single-cell references.


The "&" operator can be used instead of CONCATENATE to join text items.


CONCATENATE("Total ", "Value") equals "Total Value". This is equivalent to typing
"Total"&" "&"Value"
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