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Full Version: Ze Player
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While nosing around for apps I discovered a tracker style music player called Ze player that would be really good to have. Annoyingly the link to buy it is dead and the author has no contact information. Does anyone know where I can get it from?
Show us the "dead" link. Also remember that it must be compatible with your ROM. How about putting your model & ROM in your sig line?

The "dead" link will yield clues about it.


EDIT: Did you google the following and try chasing it down that way?

"ze player" download

I saw a bunch of hits and references to various feeds.
I found the Author's site here:

The download link for it is to MyZaurus which redirects to Handango. Handango then tells me there are no entries for "ze" anything when I search for it there. links to Handango again, same issue. links to Handango 404 error links to Handango links to at the top of this list.

Repeat ad nausium for pretty much all the google search variants i've done with different switches and options to try and narrow it down. They all either link to climov or, more commonly, the Handango redirect. I was kinda hoping the author was a poster on here and would pop up saying "please send beer tokens here, i'll mail you the app" but alas my dream was not to be... smile.gif

I'm guessing my ramblings and numerous noob info requests are getting a bit much for a slow moving forum but it isn't like i've not searched for the data both here and using google first.
This isn't the ze-player, but give it a try.

Go to the downloads section, and use the Linux ARM version.
You also should go to and see if you can find it archived there. Put a url into the wayback machine box, and see if you can turn it up that takes a bit of nudging, but I have turned up a few pieces of software that way.

Tinkering with wayback machine - to be honest i've not thought about using that for software before although I'm not sure if i can pay for it easily using that. I did try something new as well - i got some email addys out of the whois info for the author's website and sent them a mail. It can't hurt.

I'm trying Milkytracker but I can't get it to start yet. It appears to need SDL so i'm installing that. I'll try it on the way to work tomorrow.
Wayback machine is free, the internet archive, but as I think about it, if it was a pay-for-it Handango thing, it wouldn't be at the archive.

Best way to get something like that is to write the author but also try posting around like you've done, seeing if anyone has a copy, since handango took it off their site.

If they took it off, that might also mean it had bugs they didn't want to fix...I don't know.

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