I am not completely clear about this instruction from Meanie:

"Once /mnt/card2 is mounted, extract everything from hdimage-full.tgz into /mnt/card2, then copy everything from /etc to /mnt/card2/hdd1/etc and /home to /mnt/card2/hdd1/home. After that, move everything from /mnt/card2/hdd1 to /mnt/card2. Following this, copy everything back from /mnt/card2/etc to /etc and /mnt/card2/home to /home."

This sounds to me like: "copy files, directories, subdirectories etc...", so I do

cp -Rf /etc/* /mnt/card2/hdd1/etc/
cp -Rf /home/* /mnt/card2/hdd1/home/
mv /mnt/card2/hdd1 /mnt/card2
cp -Rf /mnt/card1/etc/* /etc/
cp -Rf /mnt/card1/home/* /home/

Operation seems to complete but I see some error messages/warnings and I get some deeply nested directories like /home/root/cf/cf/cf/cf/cf.... and others. Everything seems to work afterwards but I am not finally sure.

Should I rather than copying whole trees rather copy only some files?
Or how should I proceed?

I am using built 5.4.8 and I own a C1000.

Thanks you for any help,