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Full Version: Virtual Box For The Zaurus?
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Does anyone think Virtual Box can be ported to any of the Zauruses?
Technically, any computing device can emulate any other, so the Zaurus (various models) could emulate others - but the limitations are storage and processing speed. With a big enough CF or SD card, storage need not be a problem, but the low processing speed limits the complexity of the emulation - plus, you'd be emulating the hardware as well. I doubt whether VirtualBox could run on a Z, but highly-optimised emulations - i.e. CPU emulation core written in ARM assembler - might work. UAE runs quite well on my SL-5500, and it's written in C (note, I have not tried FS-UAE, but am using the old UAE).

I use the following rule: if the system to be emulated was made before 1990, it might work on the SL-5500. SIMH works well because it is not too resource-hungry (apart from the VAX).

Only took 8 years to get a reply....

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