I've found some discussion on the forum of the problem of loading large images in Visual Q (it doesn't open them, and instead reports dimensions of 0 pixels). My main reason for wanting to do this is simply to resize my photographs (which start out 2560x1920pixels) for emailing when I'm away from home.

Maybe the swap file that people have discussed solves the problem (I've seen it mentioned, but the threads seem a bit vague about whether it actually works), but there is another simple possibility - the inbuilt Sharp photostorage has an option to attach files to email, and when it does this, it automatically resizes them to 640x480! These smaller images then turn up in Documents/mail and can then of course be further edited by visualQ etc. Of course this isn't quite the same as being able to open the original in visual q, but for my purposes at least (and maybe someone else's, hence the post) it is good enough. For non-Japanese-readers who don't have translated menus, the mail attachment command is 3rd down on the main menu.