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Full Version: Video On Sl-c1000
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I'm sure that someone posted a question about it before, so if there is a sensible answer just let me know and don't bother answering again.

I'm looking for a reasonable codec and player for my Z SL-C1000. So far I have tried VLC and mplayer with bvdd, but DivX videos are still a bit jerky, audio and video is not sync. sad.gif

Any suggestions? I'm using Cacko 1.23.
Atty's MPlayer with BVDD is the best you can do. I used play my movies at 320x240 scaled up (or with the res turned down), and they worked fine. Somebody posted a fromula that said something like 400 something by 300 something at 300 kbps was the best res possible without overclocking, but I can't remember the exact specs. There's a big thread on it somewhere. Using framedropping/skipping should help too.

Hopefully this helps and I didn't butcher the info too badly (I haven't followed this too closely).
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