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Full Version: Would Somebody Please Look At Some Code For Me?
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I'm writing an SDL app, and it is segfaulting during making an instance of a class for reasons I cannot seem to determine. Could somebody look at the code for me? I'd rather not just post it, so please PM me if you can/are willing to help.


EDIT: It's C++ code, and probably some stupid little omission that is causing the issue (that tends to be the case with me).
I got it figured out (it was a stupid error in the order I initialized things FWIW).
OK, I've hit another error (different program, this one in C++/FLTK). It compiles with no errors, and through my tests I have concluded that it segfaults when it tries to show the window, not during some function leading up to it. I'm out of ideas. Could somebody look at the code for me (the tarball has the .hpp and .cpp files, the Fluid file, and a diff of the current code and the previous, non-segfaulting version)? It's the source for CelestialConfig, if it makes more people look at it smile.gif, and it compiles with:

fltk-config --compile celestialconfig.cpp


EDIT: You can PM me or post here if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or a solution. Thanks.
OK, I have incentive to rewrite the code anyway, so I guess I don't need help anymore (but if I hit the same unknown issue as before I will).
Keep it going ... glad you got it going and somewhat fixed ... smile.gif ... I'm in coder's block ... just cannot get myself into the momentum to code anything ... sad.gif

... ok, except perhaps rigging up a simple app on facebook ... but that doesn't really count as coding ... biggrin.gif
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