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Full Version: Large Battery Cover For Sl-5500 (success)
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Connor Angel
I bought one of those 2000 mAh batteries for my sl-5500 and was a little surprised when it didn't come with a larger cover to hold it in. Does anyone know where to get them, or have one they would sell me?

Sorry about crossposting if that is against the rules, I am posting this in 5x00 Hardware and For sale / Wanted. If it is against the rules, please delete the 5x00 Hardware post.
Connor Angel
Available at
I have never heard of a large cover for the 5x00 battery compartment. You must be confusing it with C7x0, which I guess originally came with the small battery but could be fitted with the larger one.
Connor Angel
It isn't an official sharp part, thats for sure. The product I linked to above claims to fit on a sl-5500, I only ordered it today so I can't say for sure. If you file off the tab on a EA-BL08 it will fit in a 5500, then you need a larger cover to hold it in.

I have an EA-BL08 (Cameron Sino brand) in my 5500 right now and it charged it and ran off it, it just falls out easily. If/when the battery door I ordered gets here, I will let everyone know if it worked out for me.
Connor Angel
Well its official, you can get a true 2000mAh battery going in your sl-5500 without spending $70 or doing any hacking (other than grabbing a nail file and filing off a small plastic tab on an EA-BL08 clone), and it even looks nice.

Just get that battery cover linked to in an earlier post of mine, and a Cameron-Sino brand EA-BL08 clone.

The replacement cover didn't go on as easy as the original. It took a little gentle working to get it all sides of it down and level against the Z, but once it was, it slid to the left, and the power switch slid up locking it all into place.

I will probably try to get the battery discharged to about 10% today, fully recharge it, and then see how long it can play oggs with mplayer with the screen off. I normally got 7 hours on a regular size battery. From what little i've seen about these batteries in this forum, this battery is known to work great in the models EA-BL08 is for, so i'm not worried.
So I'm guessing it isn't going into the sync cradle with that extension on there.

Not trying to be negative, just trying to captain the obvious for others who might be thinking about this mod.

Thanks for writing this up, by the way.
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