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Full Version: Cheap "ea-bl08" 1700 Mah Lithium Polymer
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ANother ebay thing... I think it might have been mentioned before.

There is an ebay store selling a lithium-polymery 1700mah battery for about $10 usd. If it wouldn't cause problems for the Z, this might be a cheap handy spare. I thought I'd mention it becuase it seems a little to good to be true. For $10 I'm ok with relatively short life, but not ok with any risk to the Z--thought it might be a good idea to ask around.

Before anyone recommends either a sharp battery, or one from lion batteries--I plan to pick up one of those soon anyway.
I bought a battery on ebay recently and it's working fine, although another person had problems with the same battery. There was a thread about this and you can probably find it easily.
Heads up:

I bought 2 cheap ($10) EA-BL08 batteries and they do not work in my SL-C3000 (it is supposed to be compatible).

Battery light blinks orange continuously (which is what it does when there is no battery in the compartment) and of course the Z doesn't turn on.

Yes, I left it charging over night.

Physically it looks the same as my EA-BL11 which came with my Z. It fits reasonably well and easily into the compartment.

But no power...

I got them from I'll be asking them to replace these, we'll see if they have any that work.

Don't rely on these working.
Have you tried the sanding/carving trick?
Yup - the Cameron Sino batteries need modification before they'll work in the later clamshell models. Take a hobby knife and cut away the small piece of plastic that's between the bottom of each terminal and the case seam.

I've got two that I've used for ages and they've worked perfectly since I did this.
Or try fine sandpaper. Somebody mentioned that, and it seems to be a better method.
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