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Full Version: What's Where On The 3200?
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Possibly someone can help out a Linux amateur (I've graduated from N00B but still don't know a lot)

From what I have read and experienced, on the 3200 with the full install of pdaXii13, a lot of files are copied from the hard drive into RAM to improve speed during the installation process.

Now, I find many files in both locations. for example

# find / -name kismet.conf

locates a copy in /etc and another in /media/fakeroot/etc, and neither are symlinks.

Which one is the "real" kismet.conf?
Are they somehow magically kept synchronized or do I need to make sure of that manually?
Do I even care if they get out of sync?
Is /etc the RAM copy and /media/fakeroot/etc located on the hard drive?


I'm a noob too and try to get an answer to this after trying to install PDAxii13 full Akita on my SL-C3100 and SL-C3200 machines. According with Meanies web: "Everything is run from the NAND except for /usr where the bulk of the executables and binaries are located. /usr on the MicroDrive will be used instead of /usr on the NAND using the bind feature in mount". So, if this applies, everything in /usr will be located in the microdrive and the rest will be placed on the NAND. Changes made to them keep them in the place the were at the beginning.

It should be wrong, but is the only answer I could get (I finally decided to use the not-full version and install pacakages in the microdrive after).
kismet.conf is the one in /etc, at least it is on pdaXrom.
I've realized that hdimage has something more than /usr inside. So I should believe that a program that is inside /usr in the microdrive should have also its .conf file in /etc in the microdrive.
QUOTE(urkden @ Sep 18 2007, 11:56 AM)
I've realized that hdimage has something more than /usr inside. So I should believe that a program that is inside /usr in the microdrive should have also its .conf file in /etc in the microdrive.

as said, it uses the NAND so all the files on the nand are used except for /usr which is mapped to the hdd

the other files on the hdd are NOT used, they are merely there because the same hdimage-full.tgz is used as for the C3000 which does use those files...
config files are all under /etc and $HOME/. depending on how well linux conventions have been followed by the programmers of the apps...
Sorry. I didn't think too much that reply. I should have stopped in my first one. It won't happen again ;-)
Thanks for the clarification, Meanie.

And thanks (I don't know who all the developers are) for pdaXii13.

I have been trying various ROMs on various Zauri for several years. I use the Zaurus primarily for auditing wireless LANs at work. I had settled on OZ for a while but then the development was discontinued in favor of Angstrom, which requires too much in-depth knowledge of Linux for my work application, although it's great fun as a learning tool.

pdaXii13 has been stable, well documented, and easy to work with - just what I need for my job.

I'm blessed to have both a C1000 an a C3200 so will continue to experiment with various ROMs on the C1000 while pdaXii13 will be my reliable "work horse" for use in my job.

You'll have to thank Meanie again for pdaXii13, as he's the only one working on it AFAIK (besides the pdaX devs making pdaXrom, from which ii13 is derived).
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