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Full Version: First Time Install Pdaxii13
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I'm just installing pdaXii13, fresh on a SL-C3200. I've never gone through this procedure before. Unfortunately almost all the guides seem to be for people who are updating from older versions. The most recent "from scratch" guides don't seem to be very up to date.

I downloaded what I think is 5.4.9 Sally and the hdimage-full.tgz. I checked the checksums when I downloaded and everything was OK.

Some points:
  • I set the root to 121, then we have to reboot: reboot fails (presumably because the root changed) but I wasn't sure if I should wait for shutdown to go blank and then whip the lid off and hit reset. Waiting for the reboot to fail (it never gives a message) is not fun.
  • After flashing the ROM I went for hdimage install; this happened way too quick - I couldn't believe it worked but the message said success. Now I check, it didn't work. My disk image was accidentally ungzipped when I downloaded so hdimage install had actually failed.
  • During boot I get the message "mtd: home out of reach" and then a message about ignoring home.
  • During boot I get the message "cramfs: wrong magic" "FAT: bogus logical sector size 381" then there is a long pause before continuing.
Now, how to best install the hdimage ? Can I just gzip the one I already downloaded ? Will I be done after that ?

Some other basic questions:
  • All my apps start up in /etc/rc.d. How can I change it to /home or somewhere more reasonable ?
  • When I set time and date, the screen goes blank for a long pause. Normal ?
  • How long should I be holding the power button to wake up the Z ? I find that if I hold it too long then the backlight flashes the display on and I can see the desktop and then it's immediately off again. It seems a black art to hold it exactly the right length of time!
Right, I sussed out the power on thing: just press it (let go) and be patient.

Too used to the Sharp ROM I guess.
It was easier to just download a new hdimage. Now I realised you HAVE to partition the drive in order for it to install. Rebooting again...
HD image seems to have installed successfully now.

Now to get those PIM apps set up and install extra ones if needed.
How can I reduce a window after I have selected full screen mode in IceWM ? Also, how can I hide the status bar ? Sometimes a window is screensize but the status bar is in the way.
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