Welcome to the OESF Japan User Group.

The purposes of this forum:
  1. To form a sub-community of OESF members in, from, or interested in Japan.
  2. To provide mutual support to fellow users and developers of Open Embedded and related hardware and software.
  3. To be a clearinghouse for Open Embedded-related information originating in Japan of interest to the OESF community.

Posts to this forum may be in either English or Japanese. English translations of Japanese content of interest to the wider OESF community should be posted either by the original contributor or by another member of the Japan User Group.

All forum participants are expected to be courteous, patient, and tolerant of spelling and grammar errors from fellow participants who may be communicating in a non-native language. Although most language learners appreciate friendly feedback on their usage from native speakers, please conduct such communications by private means (e-mail, IM, etc.) and do not use forum bandwidth.

I am honored to serve as your Moderator. I am a 43-year-old U.S. citizen residing in Japan since 1991 and fluent in both English and Japanese. I am the proud owner of two Zaurus SL-C860's, one of which I am currently attempting run with pdaXrom.

Please feel free to contact me either through the forum or privately if you have any problems or ideas.

Sincerely yours,

-- David Meyer, Takarazuka, Japan

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  1. OESFのメンバーの中から、日本人の方、日本在中の方、また日本に興味を持っている方の共同体を結成すること。
  2. Open Embeddedとその関連するハード、ソフトのユーザ・開発者同士で助け合おうこと。
  3. 日本発のOpen Embedded関連情報をOESFコミュニティに紹介すること。






-- マイヤー ディビッド(宝塚市)