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Full Version: Wifi Dilemma, Help!
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OK, here is my story. I have an Ambicom WL1100-C CF card, which works, albeit without wpa and with limited range.

But, it will fail real soon now. The top is coming loose, and I risk tearing it apart each time I pull it out of the slot.

Well, I already went out and found another card, which bragged about linux support, and works with b/g. It is a Sparklan with a Marvel 8385 chip. It came with source code to compile two kernel modules, cfio.o and mcf25.o, along with their own version of wlanconfig. With the current kernel modules the card just sits there, won't even turn on the power light.

So, I grabbed the 2.6.20 kernel sources they needed, and tried to compile these. But I have run into a long list of error messages. I sispect this will not compile with a 2.6 kernel (they recommended a 2.4 kernel).

There is another project, using a libertas kernel module which I think might be for a 2.6.23 kernel.

So, my dilemma: What do I do when the Ambicom dies?

1) Buy another card -- which one?
2) Find a way, or a person, who can manage to compile the Marvel driver modules for the current kernel?? help?? Volunteers?
3) Upgrade the kernel to 2.6.23 and use libertas? Will that really work? Where is the 2.6.23 kernel for this beast? Will that fix the other problems I have with my Z, the jitters and the mouse rotation????
4) Any other suggestion??

Oh, of course, I am using titchy/debian lenny on my 3100.
Devices that work :

asus WL110 (titchy on my C1000 and C3100 / Angstrom / pdaXii13 / pdaX-r198 and up)
symbol spectrum 24 (titchy on my C3100 / not tested on the rest)

you might want to look here
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